how to read minds

Professional Mind Readers Reveal How To Read Minds Like A Pro

how to read mindsIf you have ever wanted an easy way to meet people, be the life of the party or make money as a psychic, this e-book reveals never before published methods used by professionals to read minds and make money. The amazing thing is that these secret techniques make it easy to learn how to read minds and yet everyone you perform for will be amazed and dumbfounded with your readings.

This secret but easy to use mind reading method is revealed for the first time in print by a master mentalist who has made a living reading minds for more than 30 years. Why are they revealing these professional mind reading secrets now? So that these mind reading secrets will live on an be used and enjoyed by others.


how to read minds

How Can Mind Reading Benefit You?

Mind reading has been used for centuries for many uses. You will find many way to use mind reading secrets that are right for you.

how to read mindsMeet People And Socialize

Mind reading is a great way to meet people. At any gathering, just offer to read a few minds, read palms etc and people will want to talk with you. This is the best ice breaker ever and you will meet the people you want easily. Best of all, once you meet them, you can keep them entertained and not have to look for things to say.


Make Money

You can make as good part time or full time living as a mind reader or psychic. Our training shows you how. It contains unique and powerful ways to get mind reading bookings yourself and to work with booking agents. It contains two ways to make money the very first day you use them. This section alone is worth the price of the book!

Read Minds For Business

If you want to lower customer resistance and get appointments, add a little mind reading to any sale. It does a great job of making customers want to talk to you! It gets you past the gate keeper. Learn the "psychic advantage" methods of getting appointments and sales.

This is a complete, 70-page professional course reveals the most closely held secrets of mind reading in easy, step by step sections. you will be able to easily understand and master with practice. Nothing is held back including all the professional secrets and ways to make a living with mind reading. This 70 page e-book reveals:

Looking And Acting Like A Mind Reader

  • appearance is 80% of mind reading
  • how to look like a mind reader for today's audience
  • speaking like a mind reader
  • never read minds for these people
  • how to create you persona as a mind reader

Props To use Or Avoid

  • the case for and against props
  • using questions or doing cold readings
  • palm reading
  • distraction objects
  • modernizing mind reading to fit today's audiences

Cold Reading Scripts And Techniques

  • cold reading - how to read minds without gimmicks
  • professional cold reading scripts
  • using Barnum statements and rainbow ruses effectively 
  • using observations to read minds
  • how body language reveals a lot
  • using questions and answers that reveal their background
  • how top recover from errors in readings
  • using astrology to read minds 

Adding More Proof

  • professional mind related tricks that back up your ability to read minds
  • how to know what a client is writing
  • book test and other standard tests
  • how to use modern items like cell phones to read minds

How To Make Money With Mind Reading

  • spectacular feats with business cards that get business
  • working for fees, working for tips
  • how to get free publicity on radio
  • how to get hired for corporate events - any time you want 
  • how to be a "corporate mind reader"
  • how to conduct group reading events for money

and much more

Get the only book that reveals professional mind reading secrets and great ways to bet bookings and make money as a psychic or mind reader.

how to read minds


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how to read minds

Whether you are just curious about how to read minds or if you would like to make a great living as a mind reader this is the book you need. It is a very small investment for the secrets you receive.  Some psychic associations want this book banned because it reveals too much. Order now while it is still available.

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